About Us

G Square Concrete Inc. is always committed in providing quality and long lasting concrete and asphalt paving, seal coating and pavement solutions to commercial and residential customers in Edmonton and the surrounding areas of Alberta since 2010. Our company has over 10 years of work experience in the paving, concrete and asphalt industry. We approach each project with sole focus of providing excellent paving solutions that meet highest standards of our customer’s needs.

Why Choose G Square Concrete Inc. ?

  • Customer driven: We are immensely proud of our reputation for providing distinct customer service. We have adept this by being compassionate to our customer’s queries, knowledge them on what is needed, and providing them all of the available options. This gives our customers the ability to make the right decision that best fit their needs and budgets.

  • Quality: Our professional’s knowledge, experience, focuses on preparation, and overall thorough process, enables us to provide our customers with the highest quality paving services.

  • Experience: We have 10 years of working experience in providing complete pavement installation services to homeowner's, builders, and contractors in Edmonton and Calgary

Our mission is to provide expert advice and quality solutions for your asphalt and concrete paving needs. We can be trusted to get your job done with exceptional communication and comprehensive project management. We will earn your respect and your loyalty.