Asphalt Seal Coating

Asphalt Seal Coating a thin liquid layer added over a paved surface to protect it from damage caused by UV rays, rain and snow, and fluids from vehicles.  Seal Coating won’t cure existing issues, like cracks, but is will help prevent such damage from forming in the first place. Apart from keeping out damaging elements, properly applying a sealcoat is important to extend the life of asphalt paving.

Precautionary maintenance is an important consideration to help your commercial asphalt driveway or parking lot investment last for a long time. If you want to bring your asphalt back to life, consider the benefits of seal coating and crack filling services from G Square Concrete Inc.

The Benefits of Asphalt Seal Coating Include:

  • Reduces long term repair costs.
  • Enhances the appearance of your building and landscape.
  • Prolongs pavement life, safeguarding your investment.
  • Accelerates melting of snow and ice on pavement surface.
  • Protects your pavement from oxidation, oil and chemical spills.
  • Protects against water penetration, rain, frost and snow damage.

G Square Concrete Inc. is one of the best asphalt crack filling and seal coating contractors and companies in Calgary and Edmonton.  Get a FREE estimate today!